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Professional Teeth Whitening

Having a younger, healthier looking smile may be as simple as erasing years’ worth of stain from your tooth enamel with professional teeth whitening.

Even with great oral hygiene, our teeth tend to absorb microscopic stain particles from the foods and drinks that we consume. Some of the most common stains come from things like:

  • Red wine, coffee, tea, or soda
  • Tobacco products
  • Certain types of medication
  • Previous injury to the teeth

Whether or not you were gifted with naturally white teeth, our professional treatments can help you enjoy a brighter-looking smile that you can feel proud of.

Why Professional Treatments Are Different

Over the counter teeth whitening kits typically contain a one-size-fits-some gel and application method. Whilst you can get some success with these you need to ask yourself some questions, such as do crest white strips work after one use, this generally produces uneven, weaker results than what you could achieve with a custom-fitted tray or in-house treatment.

Instead, Dr. Brown can prescribe the right strength of gel to safely and effectively lift away stains that are hidden deep within the pores of your enamel. Gels of this nature are not available for over the counter purchase. With a custom-fitted tray, the gel makes contact with all surfaces of your teeth for the best results possible.

Same Day Teeth Whitening in Toronto

In some cases, we may recommend an in-house, “same day” whitening treatment. These procedures jump-start your results for that important upcoming event. When you wear your home tray as directed, you’ll continue to see improvements in your tooth colour. Plus, it’s easy to maintain your white smile by touching-up for a few days after your cleaning appointments.

Should I Bleach My Teeth?

Teeth Whitening is the perfect complement to any smile makeover. Dr. Lancelot Brown highly recommends the procedure prior to treatments like bonding, veneers, or porcelain crowns, so that the neighbouring teeth match as closely as possible.

In certain cases, teeth whitening alone is all some people need for a boost of confidence. It’s a great investment before events like a big job interview or wedding (or even a gift to yourself!)